Seconds after Joe sets foot on stage, he has already won over the audience with his charisma and energy. The singer and entertainer ist well known for his unforgettable stage shows and is happy to have a broad and loyal fan base.

Joe grew up in a musical family in Seattle/USA as one of four children, who even in their younger years were making appearances throughout the country. Approximately 20 years ago he came to Germany to play in the first national basketball league. Even as he was making a name for himself as a basketball player, he was also becoming known for his musical talent.

Together with singer Annabell Kay he built up the band "The StreetLIVE Family", who soon became known as a magnet for the best musicians and the hottest shows in Germany. In 1998 they founded the artist agency "All Entertainment GmbH", which not only books "The StreetLIVE Family" and "Giants Club", but also and many other top acts.

Joe has already worked with music giants such as Lionel Richie, Joe Cocker, Xavier Naidoo, Jule Neigel, Jennifer Rush, Shaggy, Chaka Khan, Toto and the Weather Girls. He has been exciting his audiences throughout Germany and beyond with his funk, soul, pop and rock covers.


Joes sound studio and contact to the best singers and musicians in the music industry, enables him to devote time to music production. He produces advertisement jingles, made to perfectly fit products and target groups.

Through the composition, production and implementation of radio and tv advertisementising jingles (i.e. for Suncity Sonnenstudios - radio jingle "Let it Shine"), sport promotion music (Düsseldorf Rheinfire, World Football League) and customer specific productions (Škoda Auto, Pro Aqua International, Dolce Hotels und Resorts, e.g.) he has gained experience and become a producer to watch out for

His own and self produced songs:


Joes passion is music. As singer and entertainer he is seen on stages across the world, know the actual hits and classics and knows how to judge his audience. Being able to sense their mood is what make Joe also a sought after DJ. As long as time allows, he will not only behind the microphone, but also behind the decks bringing his guest to dance.

Joes DJpult